All teams are required to minor officiate one match per evening. The M.O. team is to provide a minimum of 5 players (1 Head Official, 1 Net Official, 2 Linesmen and 1 Scorekeeper).

Teams that are playing are reminded that we are not using carded officials. Please call your own net faults, carries, 2 hits, and ball touches. Abuse of officials will not tolerated. Remember, it’s just a game and we’re all here for some fun!

It is the responsibility of the officiating team to try to keep match start times on schedule.


The first 2 games will be to 25 (with a cap at 25).
The third game will be to 15 (with a cap of 15).

If the match being played runs into the following match’s scheduled time by more than 5 minutes the game will be stopped and the leading team will be awarded the win. If the game is tied, one more point will be played to determine the game winner.


There will be warm-up time available before the 6:30 match and the 9:00 match only. The amount of time will depend on set-up and how early you arrive for your match. Warm-up time for the following matches will be determined by how much time is available. Please start all matches at the designated time.

Remember: the start time of each match should be initiated by the officiating team.


Teams may play with 5 players, with the sixth service position as an automatic point lost; or (preferably) the team that is short a player can also “borrow” a player from an opposing team and play the match normally. These matches will count for the league standings.

If a team does not have more than 4 players, it is a forfeit. Play this match as you wish, but the league standings will show a default. If a team forfeits more than 2 matches during the course of the season, they will be removed from the league and there will be no team fee refunds.

Our intention is to provide a “sub players” list to all teams in an effort to prevent teams from having to forfeit a match because of lack of players. This list is available to the captains and is not available to the public to make sure private contact information isn’t out in the open.


The exact playoff format and schedule will be determined by the league executive sometime during the season and announced a month or so before the playoff weekend.

Carded officials will be provided for the playoff tournament, but teams will be expected to do the lines and scorekeeping.

In the spirit of good sportsmanship, please use players from your team roster only for the playoff tournament. If you absolutely do not have enough of your regular team to field a team for playoffs (because of an injury or other commitments), do your best to fill their spots with a player of comparable skills.

In order for a player to be eligible for playoffs a player must have played at least 3 matches of league play.