Schedule now up

The new 3 division schedule is now posted. Take note that we go back to our traditional play 2 : minor 1 format.

New 3 division schedule

We are now ready to break out into 3 divisions (starting this Wed, Sept 21, 2018). The top 9 teams in the upper half will form the new A division; the bottom 6 teams in the upper half and the top 6 teams from the lower half will form the new B division; and the bottom 9 teams from the lower half will form the new C division. The stats page on the website is up to date so all teams can see which division they fall into.

A new schedule is being finalized and will be posted as soon as it’s ready.

30th team = new schedule

We now have a 30th team in the league. This means we have a new schedule, already posted on the league website. “Body Break” will be joining the upper division (team 0 on the schedule) starting Wed, Oct 10, 2018.

Be sure to discard the 29 team schedule and use this new 30 team schedule.

Always rely on the schedule on the website

Please rely on the master schedule posted on the website. Do not rely on schedules that have been included in any emails. We have needed to make several corrections last night and this morning (and if other errors get discovered we will need to make those corrections too). The schedule on the website will always be the most up to date. We’ll do our best to notify all teams if there are any major changes that get made to it. Minor changes only affecting a couple of teams can be shared just with those teams as needed.