1. When does the league start? Where do the teams play?

    Any questions related to dates and locations whether they be season start dates or registration dates can be found on the about page.

  2. How much does it cost to play?

    The price for the current season is listed on the about page. There is no guarantee this will be the same year to year as it depends on the fees charged by the facility for rentals each year among other factors. It most likely won’t jump too much year to year though so you can probably estimate based on the current seasons prices.

  3. What are the formats of the matches?

    We run with 3 teams per court each evening. Each team on the court will play the others in a best of 3 set match. The first two sets are to 25 points, the third to 15, and is run in a rally format.

  4. What are the rules for the league?

    Check out our rules page for a full break down of the league rules.

  5. What if we don’t have enough people to play for a match?

    You are more than welcome to ask a friend to come play as we don’t have official rosters. If you can’t find someone to sub for your team, you can always use someone from the officiating team on your court, or ask an officiating team from another. Although not an explicit rule, we would prefer teams not pull subs from a higher division.

  6. What if we can’t field a team for an evening?

    If you can’t field a team for the evening, please let the league know in advance. This will let us notify the teams you were scheduled to play and they can make arrangements as they please. If this becomes a regular occurrence the league will have to take action and possibly eject you from the league. If you are ejected from the league for any reason, your fees are non-refundable.

  7. Can I join the league without a team?

    If you are looking for a team, join our Facebook group and make a post letting others know! If some teams already in the league need a player, this is a great way to get the word out that you are looking. Make sure to post enough information so that the teams looking find out what they may need to know. Things like what position you play, if you’ve played before, and what level of ball it was?

  8. Is there an official sub list?

    Yes there is! If you use our contact form and send a message to our Website Admin they can add you to the sub list. Make sure to include your name, information about your experience, and contact information. The sub list is internal and accessible by team captains. This will make sure that your contact information isn’t accessible to the public.