2018/2019 Champions

Thanks to everyone who played this year and thanks for bearing with us as we worked through scheduling issues due to the lack of teams. Without further adieu, your season champs!

A Division
First: Burger Smash
Second: Liquor Pigs
Third: Clownpunchers

SMVA A Div Champions Burger Smash

B Division
First: Fire Spinners
Second: No Dignity
Third: Spike Club

SMVA B Div Champions Fire Spinners

C Division
First: Smoking Kills
Second: Petty Files
Third: Perfect Storm

SMVA C Div Champions Smoking Kills

2018/2019 Year End Tournament Schedule

Below is the link for the year end schedule. It has the times, games, and teams officiating as well as the the trees. We will update this schedule as the weekend progresses so it will be as up to date as we can make it, time permitting for the exec members. The most reliable will be the posted schedule at the Legends Centre as referees will be updating that at the end of each game.

Please check when you MO as there are penalties if you miss officiating!

>> 2018/2019 Year End Tournament Schedule <<

Year-End Tournament Schedule

Linked below is our year-end tournament schedule. Obviously teams aren’t positioned yet since we won’t know those details until the last day of league play. This should give everyone a good idea of the setup and time frames.

As of right now the tournament will take place on the three Family Focus courts at the SaskTel Soccer Centre for March 10-11, 2018. If for some unforeseen reason this changes, we will make sure to let everyone know.

Year End Tournament Schedule