Schedule update

On the schedule you’ll notice that it indicates that there is to be a division switch prior to this week’s matches.  At the captains meeting in September we discussed that this switch would be at the discretion of the executive and would be based on whether any teams were significantly higher or lower in the stats department compared to the rest of the teams in that division.

We’ve assessed the current stats and have decided to make just one change: That’s What She Set will move up to the B division (with Balls Deep dropping down to accommodate this move).  All of the rest of the teams in the league will stay put and there will be no more moves for the rest of the year.

Extra court time available Nov 30 and Dec…

If any one is interested, our courts are available for an earlier warm up this week and next week (Nov 30 and Dec 7):

– Field #2: We can use the courts starting at 5:30pm
– Mark Tennant: We can use the courts starting at 6:00pm

Note that matches will still start at the usual 6:30pm.