Minor officiating

We’ve received a few complaints about teams not performing their minor officiating duties appropriately, so I just wanted to send out a general reminder. Ideally, there should be at least 5 officials present: top ref, down ref, 2 linesmen and a score keeper. When you only have 4 players available, sacrifice the down ref. When there’s only 3 players, have one of the linesmen hold the scorecards. We know that situations arise where, despite best efforts, teams are not always able to field all 5 positions. What shouldn’t be happening, however, is team members sitting in the stands or in the bar while only 3 guys stay on court to officiate. Please discuss with your teams.

Schedule now up

The new 3 division schedule is now posted. Take note that we go back to our traditional play 2 : minor 1 format.

New 3 division schedule

We are now ready to break out into 3 divisions (starting this Wed, Sept 21, 2018). The top 9 teams in the upper half will form the new A division; the bottom 6 teams in the upper half and the top 6 teams from the lower half will form the new B division; and the bottom 9 teams from the lower half will form the new C division. The stats page on the website is up to date so all teams can see which division they fall into.

A new schedule is being finalized and will be posted as soon as it’s ready.

30th team = new schedule

We now have a 30th team in the league. This means we have a new schedule, already posted on the league website. “Body Break” will be joining the upper division (team 0 on the schedule) starting Wed, Oct 10, 2018.

Be sure to discard the 29 team schedule and use this new 30 team schedule.